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Why Should You optfor OMRI Certified Products?

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OMRI is an autonomous non-profit establishment that assesses specific inputs to judge their suitability for cultivating consumable organic stock. OMRI basically asserts the products used are truly organic and not corrupted. 

A listed OMRI Organic Products in Mexico (productos orgánicos OMRI en México) are typically tested to ensure their compatibility to organic farming practice. Nevertheless, they don’t assess the crops beingcurrently cultivated.

Keeping the Sustainable Development Goals in mind embracing more organic and sustainable practices is imperative to survive. Organic farming is merely one of these initiatives, but it generates some huge benefits for the fate of our nourishment, such as:

Relieves environmental deterioration

Organic farming approaches render much less deterioration to our agriculture ecosystems than traditional farming. For instance, organic fertilizers do not filter into the ground or water supply, avoiding harsh damage to the biological environment. As a result, there is even less soil erosion.

Decreases human risk

With the use of organic fertilizer for fertilization in Mexico (fertilizanteorgánico para fertilizaciónen México), we humans run a negligible risk to our health.Furthermore, while pesticides are yet employed even in organic farming, OMRI-listed pest control products yield much less probable damage than their chemical replicas.

More suitable taste and nutrition

This is the advantage that most people will detect – organic food just tastes more scrumptious and healthier. Likewise, they are more nutrient-dense as they are grown organically instead of conventionally farmed products.

Pesticide cutback

Chemical pesticides consumption is correlated to various ailments and conditions, cancers, digestive dysfunctions are just to name a few. While on the other hand, organic foods are free of pesticides, attaining overall health benefits. Of course, pesticides help preserve the crop from getting affected; they also contain harmful chemicals that cannot be overlooked. 

If you are willing to embrace organic OMRI-listed fertilizers, reach out to Fitochem today for immediate assistance. 


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