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How To Choose the Right Organic Fertilizer?

Anyone taking an organic approach understands there is no place for chemical or synthetic fertilizers in this process. The planting process must be organic; thus, using organic fertilizer is the only ideal approach. However, choosing the right organic fertilizer for fertilization in Mexico (fertilizante orgánico para fertilización en Méxicois) much easier said than done. Therefore, here are a couple of tips that will simplify this entire ordeal for you.   

Understand The Types of Organic Fertilizers: Organic fertilizers are relatively new in the market. Many people remain unaware of their different types. Nonetheless, there are two different types of organic fertilizers: compost, and animal fertilizers. There is not much difference in their benefits, but both fertilizers are made with different ingredients. 

Test The Soil: It is no secret that different soil has different requirements, which means that a particular type of organic fertilizer might not be suited for all types of soil. Therefore, it is always recommended to test the soil in a lab to better understand its composition. There are different tests available to determine the level ofpH, nitrogen, and phosphorus in the soil. Having an idea of these compositions can be very helpful in finding the right organic fertilizer for your soil.

Determine The Nutritional Requirements of Plants: Choosing the right organic fertilizer is all about understanding the nutritional requirements of the plants in your garden. For instance, suppose you are growing dahlias; you will need to add phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium elements to the soil. Therefore, when you buy the fertilizer, make sure to check it contains these compounds.

Select The Appropriate Product: The next tip is to choose the right product that ensures unmatched quality. One must check the details on the package of fertilizers and assess if they suit your requirements. Make sure to never compromise on the quality of the fertilizer because this can produce a direct impact on soil and plants. Experts always recommend quality organic fertilizers such as OMRI Organic Products in Mexico (OMRI productos orgánicos en México)

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most useful tips that can help you find the right fertilizer and use the same to ensure the effective growth of your plants. Keep these tips in mind and use organic fertilizers from Fitochem for the betterment of nature.


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