Organic Biostimulants Fertilizer and Plant Growth


Organic Biostimulant Fertilizer

Organic Biostimulant Fertilizer

Finest Organic Bio Stimulant Fertilizers

A new era of augmented cultivation with organic bio stimulant fertilizer
The impact of fertilizers and pesticides on the environment is evident currently, pushing for the need for better
alternatives. One such alternative is plant bio stimulant products that reduce the impact of agriculture on the
environment while growing enough food to feed the growing population.

What are Organic Bio Stimulant Fertilizers?

Organic bio stimulants fertilizers are one of the most acceptable alternatives to conventional fertilizers that we
have. The primary job of these stimulants is to help the plants grow and metabolize effectively while increasing
their root masses along with the beneficial soil microorganisms.
One can use these stimulants by either mixing them with fertilizers or alone. Almost every type of plant can
benefit from the properties of organic bio stimulants fertilizer, be it flowers, turf grass, trees, and most
importantly, vegetables.

Benefits of Organic Bio stimulant Fertilizer

Gone are the days when organic bio stimulant fertilizers were only associated with organic farming. The
benefits derived from the use of bio stimulants have made them very prevalent in conventional agriculture
too. Some of these benefits associated with the use of organic bio stimulant fertilizer include:

●Significantly enhancing the crop yield under different growing conditions.
● Providing the crops with appropriate nutrition and protection from pests.
● Tracking of extreme weather challenges and unpredictable weather patterns.
● Higher return on investment for farmers.
● Enhance the health of the soil, encouraging the growth of different microorganisms.

Benefits of Using Organic Bio Stimulant Fertilizers From Fitochem
● Enhanced synthesis of amino acids, proteins, and sugar to promote the growth of plants.
● Extended preservation of the final crop, especially during the transportation phase
● Enhanced efficacy of the pesticides and fertilizers that are known for being water-soluble
● Improved characteristics in terms of quality that include size, color, and more.
● Beneficial in helping the plants overcome the stress that might adversely impact their growth
Beneficial Microbes in Organic Bio stimulants Fertilizers
When it comes to bio stimulants and plant growth, microbes can help a great deal. Microorganisms such as
Mycorrhizae can help the roots of the plants derive more nutrients from the soil. Other than that, we also have
humic acid and fish emulsion that can further stimulate the growth of the plants significantly.


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