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Organic Fertilization for Crops | OMRI Products for Agriculture

Organic Nutrients for Plants are imperative for healthy and happy growing. Missing or inadequate supply of nutrients result in stunted growth, chlorosis, and can pose a serious threat to its productivity.

Using organic substances for farming is the best practice for raising and nurturing crops. It sustainshealth in the soil in the ecosystem, and in people! These types of agriculture practices combine tradition, innovation, and research to provide products loaded with nutrients and conserve agricultural diversity.

Fitochem is a company committed to creating innovative, Organic Products for Plants that are biologically diverse and nutrient-rich; therefore, they greatly benefit agriculture in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our OMRI Certified products help agronomists to improve soil fertility, the productiveness of crops and produced food items that are free from harmful chemicals. Being an inspiring and trustworthy firm, we focus on bringing a high-quality food supplement for Organic Fertilization for Crops to promote and support True Wellness and the growth of sustainable agriculture.


Fitochem bases its strength in the investigation and development of Organic and OMRI Products for Agriculture, and Soil Improvers in order to favor the food supply in a sustainable way.

Vegetable Nutrition

We strive to help farmers by providing them with the best Plant Food Supplement to add or rebuild the missing nutrients in the soil, produce healthy crops and allow them to make more profit.

Animal Nutrition

The constant search for an increase in the yield and productivity of animal biomass has had an undesirable impact on the nature of animals and consumers, mainly due to the abuse in the use of antibiotics and hormones.


Opting for organic fertilization for crops is a fruitful endeavor with many advantages, including improving soil fertility and environmental protection.

We offer a range of nutrient management solutions like Vegetable Organic Nutrition that produce nutritious food, rich in vitality which also help producers get a better price for their products.The choice of right fertilizer is ultimately yours but we advise you to look for balanced and quality products. Our mission is to grow the healthiest plants possible for the betterment of society and help you succeed more efficiently and sustainably. Explore and choose from our large variety of OMRI Certified Organic Products & Soil Improvers online & add nutrients Necessary to Improve the yield!

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