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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fulvic Acid

If you are doing some research on topics related to plants and soils, you must have heard of fulvic acid. However, if you’re not up to speed on the topic, here’s some information about the benefits of fulvic acids (Beneficios del ácido fúlvico para las plantasin plants.

Biological Benefits: Fulvic Acid provides biological, physical, and chemical benefits to plants and soil. These benefits can include better soil structure, increased root growth, and high nutrient uptake for plants.

Foliar Spray and Small Molecules: Fulvic acid can be used on plants by foliar spray. This process helps absorb nutrients from the leaves very quickly. The route of use by farmers is as simple as combining inorganic nutrition with the contribution of fulvic acid and applying through the conventional irrigation system.

Since fulvic acids are made up of smaller molecules, they can work efficiently with soil and foliar applications. Vital nutrients can be transferred to plants through cell membranes. Fulvic Acid can work together to boost plant growth and help increase crop yields.

Fertilizer: Fulvic acid is a natural compound used in the soil. By improving the efficiency of nutrients, the metabolic processes of the vegetable are improved.

Plants and Vegetables: As the soil fixes the nutrients with the help of fulvic acid, the bioavailability is increased for all types of crops, such as vegetables, grains, and fruit trees in general.

As we can see, the effects of fulvic acid (efecto del ácido fúlvico en las plantas) are very ample. It can provide biological benefits to plants. Occasionally, as the soil cannot fix the correct ratio of nutrients, fulvic acid can be used to provide the correct nutrients within the soil. It improves the growth of plant roots, participates in processes as important as respiration and photosynthesis for the benefit of productivity.

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