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Top Effects of Using Fulvic Acid on Soil

It is no secret that soil enhancement is a fundamental agricultural practice. Whenever a farmer starts growing crops, the goal stays one, i.e., to create the most favorable environment for crops to flourish, because the more you optimize the soil, the greater the results.


One of the most effective additives you can incorporate in the soil to make it more promising is fulvic acid.


Today we, at Fitochem, are listing some Effects of Fulvic Acid (Acido fulvico efectos) usage on the soil. Let’s begin!


Enhances crop weights & yields


Upgrades nutrient-use efficiency by increasing their bio-availability and promoting their distribution and uptake throughout the plant


Increases drought and heat tolerances via an enhancement in transpiration


Improves necessary metabolic processes for enhanced performance across metrics of growth


Inhibits carbonation and alkali build-up by functioning as a pH buffer


Promotes advantageous microbes reproduction, crucial in plant-microbial symbioses


The Role of Fulvic Acids in Plant Growth


For crops, fulvic acids act as an organic soil conditioner, soluble in all pH ranges, with acidifying capacities. More importantly, if we combine them with any fertilizer, the Benefits of Fulvic Acid (Acido fulvico beneficios) increase. Besides, the absorption and translocation of nutrients to the plants also enhance forming an organic mineral compound, which further results in more noticeable development and crop production.


Fulvic acid usage also offers direct and indirect effects on the metabolism of plants. Basically, if you are looking to increase plants’ strength, using fulvic acid is an effective way. It works for their proper development as well as an enhanced resistance against diseases.




At Fitochem, we offer high-quality fulvic acid, which acts as an active soil improver. Must say, since it favors ion exchange, structural characteristics, and improvement in microbiological reproduction, it is ideal to use Fulvic Acids for Agriculture (Ácidos fulvicos para la agricultura). If you want to learn more about our fulvic acids and our variety of eco-friendly products, reach us today.


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