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Use Quality Fulvic Acids for Agriculture for Maximum Benefits

The usage of fulvic acid in agriculture is getting popular day by day.

And fulvic acid can promote better crop growth that has made it a must-use ingredient in soil composition. Moreover, using top quality Fulvic Acids for Agriculture (Ácidos Fulvicos Para La Agricultura) offers doubled or maximum benefits.

No wonder, most of the farmers look for the best ways to grow better crops. Being a natural sequestrant, quality fulvic acid protects your crops from reacting with other ions in the soil. This acid also enhances the uptake of minerals, improved natural resistance to environmental stress, and encourages better plant growth.

Besides, Fulvic acid works as a great foliar spray, allowing all macro and micronutrients such as calcium, manganese, zinc, iron, and copper among others, to be absorbed via leaves. It also stimulates plants’ metabolism which makes it one of the best techniques to trace mineral deficiencies along with enhancing plant growth.

Thinking about what else Fulvic Acids can do to your crops?

Here we, at Fitochem, are listing some top Benefits of Fulvic Acids (Acido Fulvico Beneficios) for your crops.

  • Improved seed germination & growth
  • Chelation affects the plant growth cycle
  • Enhanced development of roots and shoots
  • Better uptake of nutrients
  • Developed resistance to fungal attack
  • Improved plant metabolism of proteins
  • Enhanced activity of multiple enzymes
  • Better permeability of cell membranes
  • Improved cell division and elongation
  • Boosts synthesis of new minerals
  • Breaks down inorganic substances
  • Helps in the making of fertile new soils
  • Enhances plant respiration
  • Boosts growth and yield of crops
  • Helps chlorophyll synthesis
  • Balances plant chemicals
  • Detoxifies several pollutants

Our fulvic acid at Fitochem is an active soil improver, ion exchange, favors structural characteristics, and improvement in microbiological reproduction. Also, our range of nutrient management solutions helps to grow nutritious food rich in vitality & further helps producers get a better price for their crops.

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