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Fulvic Acid Streamlines Potential Nutrient Uptake in Plants

Without a doubt, fulvic acid is the most valuable input in biological agriculture.

Fulvic Acids for Agriculture (Ácidos fúlvicos para la agricultura) offer many advantages to both soil and plant, making them more popular day by day.  

And why not?

 Fulvic acid, in soluble form, makes the perfect combination with other minerals in the ground, by forming organo-mineral complexes that the roots of the plants can easily absorb.


Not only that, fulvic acid, being a natural complexing agent, also offers natural resistance to environmental stress as well as facilitating the plant potential intake of nutrients. Being 100% soluble, it enables all the nutrients to be better absorbed by its leaves, effectively stimulating its metabolism and contributing to a more efficient life cycle.


Still not convinced? Why use fulvic acids?


Today, at Fitochem, we are going to reveal top 5 Benefits of Fulvic Acids (Ácidos fúlvicos, beneficios) for plants and agriculture:

      Enhance crop weights & yields.

      Support beneficial microbes, crucial in plant-microorganism symbiosis.

      Encourage vital metabolic processes for enhanced performance across growth metrics.

      Promote drought and heat tolerances by increasing transpiration.

      Support nutrient-use efficiency by enhancing their bioavailability and facilitating their uptake and distribution throughout the plant.

Most importantly, when added to a nutrient solution, the effects of fulvic acid (Acido fúlvico, efectos), are shown by increasing the plant resistance to stress, as well as boosting its natural immunity.


If you are looking forward to granting all such benefits to your plants, you can opt for Fitochem fulvic acid. We are committed to offering you innovative, highest-quality organic supplements for plants that can significantly benefit agriculture in an environmentally friendly manner. You can even mix our fulvic acids with nutrients to increase their performance, making plants development and growth more efficient.

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