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Relevance of Organic fertilizers and Fulvic Acid for Plant’s Growth

In recent years, there has been an adoption of many different advanced techniques to bring improvement in the quality and quantity of agricultural production. In fact, the new developments in agriculture depend hugely on mechanization and new hybrid seeds, but we cannot ignore the importance of soil properties.

Yes! Only when there is soil with beneficial properties, we yield an improved and productive crop. Otherwise, inappropriate soil management can lead to food scarcity and low fertility. That underlines how vital it is to keep the soil’s health on the priority list so the plants good health can be ensured. In current times, organic fertilization of the soil (Fertilización orgánica del suelo) has become so much popular due to its remarkable results.

Let’s dig in to understand well…

Organic Fertilization

It refers to using organic fertilizers that are derived from vegetable matter. These fertilizers are made with natural material and are entirely safe for agricultural growth and production. A wide range of organic fertilizers and products is available so that farmers can ensure to provide organic nutrition for plants (Nutrición natural u orgánica para las plantas).

Fulvic Acid and its Benefits

Fulvic acid is a type of humic acid with a low molecular weight and oxygen content. It is water soluble, regardless of the water’s pH level. It makes a combination with other minerals to form organo-mineral complexes that can be absorbed by the plant’s roots easily. Thus, fulvic acid restores the natural balance in plants and corrects deficiencies. Fulvic acids for agriculture (Ácidos fulvicos para la agricultura) act as an active soil improver and increase soil fertility as well.

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