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Benefits of Organic Fertilization for Soil and Plant’s Growth

As far as agricultural growth is concerned, a lot of farmers face the issues of contamination of surrounding and underground water. Apart from this, they face the problem of the increase of toxic salts in the soil. It is undeniable that soil degradation is a significant risk for agricultural growth. And, when the chemical-based fertilizers are added to the soil, then it becomes the reason for the elimination of valuable microorganisms for the plants. It is necessary to feed the soil to maintain its health, along with feeding the plant, because the soil is the reason for healthy plants. Let us discuss how using effective products promoting organic fertilization of the soil (Fertilización orgánica del suelo) is beneficial over using chemical and synthetic fertilizers.


With organic fertilizers, soil microorganisms degrade themselves until they become water-soluble compounds. It is necessary because plants leverage water-soluble compounds the most. Some other benefits are, boost in the proliferation of fungi responsible for plants taking advantage of nutrients, improving the soil structure, help to retain nutrients, allowing carbon fixation in the substrate, and enhancing the ability of the crop to absorb water. Such products also help to achieve the increase of activity in bacteria and fungi that benefit the soil. These benefits show, Natural or organic nutrition for plants (Nutrición natural u orgánica para las plantas) is the need of the hour.


Let us quickly understand the importance of one of the essential substances, i.e., fulvic acid, in plant growth. Basically, it is soluble in all pH ranges and is considered an organic soil conditioner. It is an OMRI-certified organic product that has acidifying capacities. One of the effects of fulvic acid (Ácido fúlvico efectos) is associated with working with different minerals in the ground. Fulvic acid helps restoring the soil’s natural balance and corrects its deficiencies; it helps in coping with frost and drought and increases the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.


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