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Beneficial Properties of Fulvic Acids for Agriculture and Farming Industry

Considered as an organic soil conditioner, fulvic acid is used by farmers and gardeners because it is soluble in all PH media, as well as holding acidifying capacities. Important to mention, fulvic acid is an OMRI-certified product due to the beneficial properties it holds.

Let us discuss some Properties and the benefits of fulvic acids (Ácido fúlvico beneficios) making it one significant product.

Forms Purposeful Combination

This product works with different minerals that are nutritious for plants. When added to the soil, fulvic acid combines with these minerals to form organomineral complexes that can be easily absorbed by the roots of the plant.

Restores Natural Balance in Plants

Fulvic acid is a product that is used in agriculture and the agricultural industry to restore the natural balance in plants and correct their potential deficiencies. The function of this product is to facilitate the penetration of nutrients into plant cells to increase the natural immunity of the plant.

Increases Beneficial Microorganisms in Soil

Being an active soil improver, fulvic acid increases its fertility as well. As a result, the plant’s structural characteristics, ion exchange, and improvement in microbiological reproduction, are greatly improved. Also, mixing fulvic acid in a proper quantity helps increase the performance of nutrients and organic fertilization of the soil (Fertilización orgánica del suelo).

Copes with Frost and Drought

One of the noticeable effects of fulvic acid is that it helps plants withstand periods of stress such as frost and drought. This is possible because this substance can balance and energize all beneficial microbes and plant cells for optimal cell division and growth. Therefore, it is not surprising that fulvic acid is widely used in greenhouse vegetable growing and horticultural programs as well.

If you want to know more about the effects of fulvic acid (Ácido fúlvico efectos) on agricultural soil and plant growth, do not hesitate to approach us at Fitochem. We are proud suppliers of quality organic products backed by scientific studies. We look forward to the opportunity to hear your comments and to provide you with more information.

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