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Improve soil fertility with organic fertilizers

It is no secret that soil plays a vital role in agriculture; however, it is very rare that it contains enough nutrients for crops to reach their potential yield. For best results, we must ensure that there is an optimal and natural balance between the physical, biological and chemical health of the soil. The reason is that only a balanced soil can produce crops and plants of optimum quality.

Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that most farmers dedicate their efforts to the concept of composting soils with organic fertilization for crops (Fertilización orgánica para cultivos en México) to obtain a large number of benefits. To make up for the shortage of nutrients, organic fertilizers are the best option. Yes, many people improve soil fertility with organic fertilizers. (Fertilidad del suelo con fertilizantes orgánicos México). For those unfamiliar with the subject, organic fertilizers comprise three specific categories: organo mineral fertilizers, organic fertilizers, and organic soil improvers.


Basically, the broad category of organic fertilizers involves various products that provide plants with much-needed nutrients while improving soil organic matter. To improve soil, product quality, plant vigor and yield, they are applied to plants and / or soils. The best part is that organic-based fertilizers can be used in both organic and conventional agriculture. Organic fertilizers can help: 

  • Promote the delayed release of nutrients in response to the urgent needs of plants.
  • Increase the efficiency of water use to make crops more resilient and resistant to drought.
  • By minimizing leaching, they decrease the impact of agriculture on the soil and safeguard ecosystems.
  • By improving the organic matter content of the soil, they increase the resistance of crops to erosion.
  • By incorporating natural raw materials, they increase the efficiency of the use of resources.

In general, to cultivate and nurture plantations, the best practice is the use of organic substances for agriculture. As we mentioned before, its use maintains the health of the soil, the ecosystem and people. These types of agricultural practices combine innovation, tradition and research to offer nutrient-rich products and protect agricultural diversity.


If you are looking for such organic plant fertilizers or want to give your plants the unbeatable benefits of Fulvic acids (Ácidos fúlvicos beneficios), please contact us at Fitochem. Our products are designed to help farmers and agronomists improve soil fertility and crop productivity.

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