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Top-quality Fulvic Acid Encourages the Metabolism of Plants

The popularity of organic farming is increasing day by day. People prefer organic products over other chemical-based products. And, since people are choosing organic, farmers are using products that provide organic nutrition to plants as well.

One of the most used products for agriculture are Fulvic Acids. Of course, there are several Benefits of Fulvic Acids (Ácido fúlvico beneficios) to plants.

Wondering how do they work? Today at Fitochem, we are revealing the hidden benefits of Fulvic Acids to agriculture. Let’s take a look!

After nutrients, the most considerable boost you can offer your plants is top-quality Fulvic Acid. By making nutrients more effective and minerals more easily absorbed by plants, fulvic acids do the actual heavy lifting. Besides, acting as a natural complexing compound, they facilitate nutrient uptake into the plant capacity and offers natural resistance to environmental stress.

Moreover, Fulvic Acid is 100% soluble and highly recommended in foliar applications. As its significant benefit, it facilitates all nutrients to be better absorbed by the plant’s leaves. It even encourages the metabolism of plants in the best way, helping to fulfill their life cycle more adequately.


Some Effects of Fulvic Acid (Ácido fúlvico efectos) on plants are:

  • It enhances root development
  • Encourages earlier harvests
  • Promotes more robust, disease-resistant plants
  • It improves the quality of flavor and fragrance
  • Boosts essential oil production
  • Enables higher yields.

However, make sure that it’s the quality and composition of the Fulvic Acid that counts – and this is why you need to find a supplier who offers the best Fulvic Acid.


If you are looking for the aforementioned results, come to us. Our fulvic acid is undoubtedly an active soil improver, since it favors ion exchange, optimizes structural characteristics and favors microbiological reproduction. Basically, all these aspects increase the fertility of the soil.


Moreover, our OMRI Products for Agriculture are of the highest quality, supported by scientific studies.


Choose us and increase the availability of nutrients for your crops!


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