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Impact of Using Organic Fertilizer on Soil and its Properties

It is not necessary that soil always have a lot of nutrients for crops to yield their optimum potential. Sometimes we need to put the right amount of nutrients into the soil for better yield. There comes the importance of using organic soil fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers are generally derived from plant matter (compost, manure) and organically promote plant enrichment. The application of organic fertilizers is at the same time the best and cheapest option, because it helps to improve the water retention capacity, the aeration of the soil and facilitates the restoration of the plant from the root.

The advantages of applying organic fertilizers are numerous. Lower solubility, or slow release of nutrients, ensures an adequate supply of nutrients throughout the season, minimizing waste and salt damage to crops. The organic matter they contain provides health to the soil, improving the cation exchange capacity. Organic fertilizers stimulate microbial activity and improve soil texture and structure. On top of everything, organic fertilizers act as a valuable source of micronutrients for plants.

Choose Organic Fertilizers over Synthetic Ones

By choosing organic fertilizers, you simply avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, pesticides, and livestock feed additives, making crop residues, crop rotations, green manures, off-farm organic waste, etc. be totally reliable.

Organic agriculture includes the right combination of organic, social, environmental, and ethical goals. The best part is that many organic materials act as fertilizers and soil conditioners; they feed both plants and soil. They are the best alternative to increase the productivity and quality of crop growth.

In addition, the use of organic fertilizers in agriculture guarantees that the food produced is free of chemicals harmful to health. Therefore, instead of using artificial fertilizers, it is recommended to apply organic fertilizers to maintain the properties of the soil and improve its productivity.

At Fitochem we offer a range of OMRI products while promoting organic fertilization. All our products are organic and biologically rich in nutrients to benefit crops and plants in an environmentally friendly way.

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