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Keeping The Plants Well Fed with Plant Supplements

We all think about and keep a check on the nutrition we need to intake in our daily diet. At least, I hope a majority of us focus on this. Are we getting enough protein? Are we intaking enough vitamins and minerals? Is our body getting enough iron? These are the questions that come to our minds every now and then, in our concern to keep a well-balanced diet and a healthy body.

The same thing happens with plants. Well, plants do not speak for themselves, but it is us who should understand the importance of feeding them with the necessary and required plant supplements. Plants are also living beings who need nutrition and proteins to survive and grow. If a plant or soil is well nourished, it will bloom and give us fruits.

Taking care of a field or garden may not be as easy as rolling off a log to everyone, but an expert gardener knows the primary importance of soil fertilizer, its use, and what importance it has for the ground. A balance of plant food and compost is necessary to give the plants the right nutrients. With all this information comes the need to understand the basic tricks to take care of your plants and soil. It may seem rocket science, but it is not. You just need to learn a few tricks, and voila, you are all set to take care of your plants just like you take care of yourself.

Let’s have a look at the nutrients that plants need:

  • Nitrogen (N)
  • Phosphorus (P)
  • Potassium (K)
  • Calcium (Ca)
  • Magnesium (Mg)

While plants need all these nutrients, they may need some more than others. Just like we increase the intake of carbs or nutrients in our body if we feel the need to do so, in the same way, plants also require an increased intake of a few nutrients.

Let us now understand the need for fertilizer products –

Fertilizers are substances that we can add to the soil. There are different types of fertilizers that work differently on the development of plants. For example, there are biostimulant fertilizer products that not only promote plant growth, but also make them resistant to water and abiotic stress. They are efficient while they favor the good performance of the plants so that they thrive for a long time. Fertilizers can be further divided into mineral, organic and industrial fertilizers and have been used to increase crop yields in agriculture for a long time.

There are various fertilizers that come under OMRI Organic Products that assure the suitability of products under various conditions. One thing which is not certain when it comes to gardening and the terms related to it is weather conditions. Weather these days is unpredictable, and with the rise in global warming, it has become more difficult to track and rely on the weather. 


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