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Organic Culture and Fulvic Acid for Agriculture and Agricultural Industry

In recent decades, we have witnessed profound changes in the way agriculture is done. Furthermore, intensive agriculture has been found to have undesirable effects on soil conditions, both structural and microbial. The use of different types of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides result in unfavorable agricultural solutions. Therefore, the impact due to these disciplines must be reversed urgently.

Well, there is only one way to get back on the right track, that is, to achieve Soil Fertility with Organic Fertilizers (Fertilidad del Suelo con Fertilizantes Orgánicos en México).

Let’s discuss fulvic acid and its beneficial effects in agriculture.


Fulvic acid and its effects or benefits

  • Works with different minerals in the soil

In the first place, fulvic acid is responsible for making a perfect combination with other minerals in the soil and thus forming organo-mineral complexes, which can be easily absorbed by the roots of the plant.

  • Restores the natural balance and corrects deficiencies

The perfect growth of plants depends on the health of the soil, that is, improper growth of plants is a sign of its deficiencies. The natural balance of the plant can be restored with the help of Fulvic Acid. One of the beneficial effects of Fulvic Acid (Effects of Fulvic Acids) is associated with facilitating the penetration of nutrients into plant cells and correcting their deficiencies since Fulvic Acid is a low molecular weight molecule. The natural immunity of the plant can be increased with the use of Fulvic Acid.


  • Useful in case of frost and drought

Fulvic Acid also helps plants resist periods of stress such as frost and droughts. The mixture of Fulvic Acids to the soil significantly increases the performance of the nutrients.

If you need to know more about the benefits of the use of Fulvic Acids for Agriculture and its use to improve plant growth, come to Fitochem, where you can find a select range of quality organic products that you can add to agricultural soil to get healthy plants and crops.

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