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Use Fulvic Acid for Agriculture the Right Way for Top Benefits

Use Fulvic Acid for Agriculture the Right Way for Top Benefits

Fulvic acids work well in both soil and foliar applications. Their primary function is to transfer vital nutrients through the cell membrane of plants. Actually, they work in a tandem manner. On one hand, they help  boost plant health; on the other, they increase crop yields. Let us discuss the importance and benefits of fulvic acids for agriculturecidos fúlvicos para la agricultura).


What do they  contain?

Basically, fulvic acids consist primarily of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. They are formed through microbial decay. Focusing on one of the significant effects of fulvic acids (Ácidos fúlvicos, efectos),  they have a remarkable ability to bind to nutrients and transport those nutrients into the plant. This natural and organic product is used as the most effective carbon-containing chelating compound for plants. Its small molecular size and electrical charge are responsible for carrying vital nutrients from the soil into the plant.


Types of Fulvic Acids

Fulvic acids are available in different types, providing natural or organic nutrition for plants (Nutrición natural u orgánica para las plantas).  They are available both in liquid and water- soluble powder form.


Use Them Wisely

Even though they are not toxic, is very important to utilize the natural and organic nutrition products and fertilizers, such as fulvic acids, with care.  There must be a proper quantity, in accordance with the type of plant or crop, and consider accurately their growth and health status in order to get results. Generally, farmers and gardeners prefer to approach experts and ask for their advice. Also, there are various reliable sources available, from where they can read about the products, learn the right way of using them, and get more information as needed.

If you want to know more about these product types, their benefits, and effects, you can reach us at Fitochem. We manufacture top-quality organic supplements for plants with the true well-being and growth of sustainable agriculture as our top priority.


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