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Why Choose Organic Fertilization Over Chemical?

With the heaps of availability of inorganic or synthetic fertilizer around the market, it is obvious for a gardener to wonder if it is even crucial to switch over to organic fertilizers for plant foods (fertilizante orgánico para fertilización en México). If you are a beginner and thinking the same, you are at the right place to seek answers.

The organic gardening philosophy focuses on nurturing and balancing an ecosystem that works just as nature intended. Still, wondering? No worries. Today we will uncover plenty of justifications to choose a soil fertilizer (fertilizante de suelo en México) over synthetic ones.

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Organic or OMRI products for agriculture (Productos orgánicos OMRI en México) help to:

  • Magnify the natural conditioning and biodiversity of the soil.
  • Enhance the crop resistance to erosion via improving the soil’s organic matter content.
  • Boost the efficiency of water employed to produce crops that are stronger and more resistant to drought.
  • Reactivate, as well as increase soil fertility to support plant development.
  • Nurture the quality traits of the crop along with the output.
  • Improve both content and nutrient efficiency of organic matters present in the soil.
  • Refine efficacy of nutrient service to yield richer crops.
  • Encourage the gradual emancipation of Organic Nutrition for Plants as per the conditions of plants or crops.
  • Help nourish the organic matter, lessening the dependence of soil on chemical inputs.
  • Knit biological raw materials and further enrich the efficiency of aid employed.
  • Lessen leaching and reduces the effect of cultivating along with protecting ecosystems.

Fitochem pledges to develop ingenious, organic products for plants that are not just biologically multifarious but also nutrient-rich and capable enough to advantage farming in an environmentally amicable manner significantly.

Hence, if you are searching for organic fertilizers and other related products, we recommend reaching out to Fitochem. With an array of nutrient management solutions, we can help you easily nurture your plants at an affordable rate.


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