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Switch Over to Organic Fertilizers for Enhanced Soil Fertility

It’s no mystery that soil plays a vital role in agribusiness, but it rarely includes enough nutrients to produce maximum yields. We must confirm an optimal and natural balance between the physical, natural and chemical health of the soil to obtain the best results, since only a proportional soil can produce optimum crops and plants.

Therefore, it would not be unfair to state that most of the farmers dedicate their efforts to the idea of composting with organic soil fertilization (fertilización orgánica del suelo) to acquire a great number of advantages. Organic fertilizers are the most suitable option to compensate for nutrient depletion. Yes, many people improve soil fertility with soil fertilizer (fertilizante de suelo en México).

Organic fertilizers provide plants with the necessary nutrients and improve the organic matter of the soil, because they can:

  • Improve the deferred release of nutrients in reaction to critical plant requirements.
  • Upgrade the efficiency in the use of water to produce crops that are more resistant and immune to drought.
  • Reduce the impact of agriculture on the soil and protect ecosystems, since they minimize leaching.
  • Boost the resistance of plants to oxidation because they enhance the content of organic matter in the soil.
  • Enhance the efficiency in the use of resources, since they integrate natural raw materials.

To grow and nourish crops, the best approach is to use OMRI Products for Agriculture (Productos OMRI para agricultura). As we mentioned before, its use supports the health of the soil, the ecosystem, and that of people as well. These agricultural approaches integrate invention, practice, and analysis to deliver nutrient-rich products and safeguard agricultural diversity.

If you are looking for organic fertilizers or want to give your plants the unparalleled benefits of organic soil fertilization, visit Fitochem. Our products are prepared to help farmers and agronomists improve soil fertility and crop productivity


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