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How OMRI Products and Fulvic Acids Can Turn Beneficial?

OMRI Certified products are gradually becoming the first choice for farmers. And why not? These products help agronomists’ better soil fertility, increase crops’ productiveness, and ensure the production of food items free from harmful chemicals.

Here, we will discuss OMRI Products for Agriculture (productos OMRI para la Agricultura) and how fulvic acid is beneficial for plants and their growth. Let us start with OMRI products.

OMRI Products

First of all, let’s learn what OMRI stands for, and its full form will make it easier for you to understand its meaning. So, it’s an acronym for Organic Materials Review Institute. And there are certain products certified by OMRI to use for agricultural purposes. These certified products are organic products and are very effective in keeping up the healthy growth of plants and crops (agricultural farms).

Fulvic Acids and its Benefits

Fulvic acid is widely used in organic crop production, especially in the greenhouse cropping of vegetables and in horticultural programs. It is considered a powerful electrolyte and bio-stimulant, and it can detoxify pollutants in the soil. Actually, it is the most characteristic compound of soil humic substances. These substances are formed through microbial degradation of plant material. Basically, when used, Fulvic Acids for Agriculture (Ácidos Fúlvicos para la Agricultura) can balance and energize all plant and microbe cells for optimal cell division and growth. When it comes to improving moisture storage to minimize the effects of drought, it is quite helpful. Also, it directly influences numerous enzymatic processes that are responsible for the plant’s immunity and vitality.

There are many benefits of Fulvic Acids (beneficios de los Ácidos Fúlvicos) on plant growth and development. It is beneficial to know the importance of using organic products to have a healthy agricultural process. If you want more information about the range of such products for your farms and gardens, then you can approach Fitochem. Our company is committed to creating innovative, organic products for plants. We provide biologically diverse and nutrient-rich products while ensuring they are most effective for agriculture in an environmentally friendly manner.

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