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Fulvic Acid For Agriculture: Are You Using a High-Quality Product?


When it comes to agriculture, there are several different things you can do to increase good-quality crop yield – from watering to applying fertilizers – each plant type is unique and requires special care. One crucial element that you can use is Fulvic Acid.

Fulvic Acid: Its Importance in Agriculture

Fulvic Acid, a type of powdered or liquid organic compound, plays a critical role in ensuring good plant health by transferring nutrients from the soil to the plant. This 100% soluble product can be used in different ways, like it can be mixed in the soil, applied to the roots directly, or utilized as a foliar spray. Whichever method you use, you can observe the great benefits of fulvic acid on soil and plants. It enhances soil porosity, facilitates air & water circulation, and increases microorganism reproduction.

Now, go through the checklist to assess the quality of Fulvic acids you are purchasing.

  • Quantity of Fulvic acid: Does the quantity mentioned on the label matches the real content within the pack?

It may happen that the product does not meet the concentration of Fulvic Acid declared on the manufacturers’ label. However, it’s not always true when you buy it from a renowned supplier. They incorporate the exact quantity to ensure high-quality results.

  • Is the product 100% soluble?

A top-grade product is 100% soluble in all ranges of pH media. One should avoid buying fulvic acid containing fine insoluble particles that could potentially block the system. Although it is hard to find out about the product at first, if you are not happy with its use, you should switch to another brand. Many manufacturers highly refine fulvic acid products to remove impurities.

At Fitochem, all our fulvic acids for organic fertilization are 100% soluble, which starts working immediately and enhances plant strength and improves productivity.

  • What is the color of the product?

A high-quality product rich in fulvic acids will usually have intense black color. It’s also an indicator for growers to make a quick decision when a product’s quality is questioned.

  • Identify the agronomic results

One must understand that there are numerous types of products available in the marketplace and their effect varies depending on the quality and quantity of Fulvic Acid concentration therein and the crop type to which they were laid.

The product’s performance in the field is the best indicator that helps growers make an informed decision based on their particular agronomic needs.

Order Organic products from Fitochem

Applying Fitochem’s black-colored, organic fulvic acid for agriculture increases the plant’s strength to fight frost and drought better and ensures their proper development. All our biostimulant fertilizers and soil improvers are OMRI-certified, helping agronomists grow food items that are rich in vitality and free from toxic chemicals; and ultimately get better pricing for their offerings. If you have any questions, call us at 552-625-4136   


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