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Why Fulvic Acid is Needed for Plants?

fulvic acid benefits for plants

Fulvic acid is the ultimate result of the microbial breakdown of organic matter in soils. It is generally found in the humus section of the soil. The organic product thus formed gives high nutritional value to the plants by converting the nutrients into a simpler form to make it easy for the plants to absorb them.

It is also found naturally in soil but can be added externally for extra benefits, and for that can be bought from companies that sell soil fertilizer in Mexico to mix it in the ground where you want to grow your plants.

The Benefits of Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid can be used for obtaining various benefits to the plants as follows:

Growth of Plant

Since fulvic acids break down the complex nutrients into a simpler form, it becomes easy for plants to absorb them. When plants absorb more nutrients, they grow faster and healthier compared to those that are in soil that don’t have fulvic acid.

Increases Water Holding Capacity of Soil

The water holding capacity of soil increases the life of a plant. Plants can’t absorb all water at once; they take their time, and for that, the soil has to hold water to provide it when needed. There is no use in watering your plants if the soil doesn’t have water holding capacity.

When added to the soil, fulvic acid increases its capacity to hold water.

Natural Fertilizer

The process of extraction of fulvic acid is completely natural, which is the reason why fulvic acid is known as a supplement that offers organic plant nutrients for soil. They act as a natural fertilizer for plants and help them to grow and flourish.

Increases Cell Division in Plants

Due to its unique property of creating a bond with other components easily, it gets absorbed by leaves efficiently. Once leaves can absorb, it works like a magic portion and increases the division of cells inside the plant and enhances the volume of roots which ultimately helps in the absorption of other nutrients and healthy growth of plants.

Gives High Production

If plants can absorb nutrients in a sufficient amount and water in the required time, then eventually, they will give high yield than normal. Healthier plants produce more fruits than usual.

Increases Soil’s Chemical Balance

Fulvic acid helps in the growth of beneficial microorganisms, which can increase the nitrogen intake of soil, ultimately improving the soil’s overall health. It also neutralizes the excessive acid or base or other toxic chemicals found in the soil.

How to Use Fulvic Acid

You can use fulvic acid in many forms; you can mix the powder with water and spray, or you can directly mix the powder in the soil. You can also buy liquid fulvic acid and water it to plants.


Fulvic acid is usually found naturally in the soil, but if you find that it is not present in yours, don’t worry. You can find quality fulvic acid in the market and easily add it externally. It is very important for the health of the soil and, of course, the number of fulvic acid benefit for plants cannot be denied.

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