Fitochem Featured in the magazine


Fitochem was Featured in the magazine: Institutional Socioeconomic Development Commission for its Dedication to Agricultural Growth

Fitochem’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and organic supplements earns recognition in a Mexican publication

Fitochem is proud to announce that our company has been featured in the Institutional Socioeconomic Development Commission magazine. This feature was earned after considering several factors, including our remarkable innovations in organic supplement production, contributions to environmental sustainability, and promotion of safe agricultural practices.

Institutional Socioeconomic Development Commission magazine:

The Institutional Socioeconomic Development Commission magazine: is a prestigious business publication that showcases brands and their dedication to Mexico’s development. Each edition disseminates reliable information to raise awareness and inspire more brands to contribute to the country’s progress in agriculture.

Committed to sustainable agriculture growth, Fitochem produces OMRI-certified products that provide significant benefits to farms. These biologically diverse and nutrient-rich supplements not only supply abundant nutrients but also support the true wellness and health of humans.

Check out the magazine here: Fitochem was featured in Revista Institucional Commission


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