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Increasing Popularity of Natural or Organic Nutrition for Plants

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Increasing Popularity of Natural or Organic Nutrition for Plants

We all care and think about the nutrition need in our body, so we keep asking, is my meal is nutrient-rich? Also, we make sure whatever we are eating is healthy and full of nutrients.

Well, this question can be posed to our plants too. They also need proper nutrients.

The best part is, nowadays, many people started using organic fertilizer for Organic Fertilization of the Soil (Fertilización Orgánica Del Suelo) and to fulfill that need. That’s not all. Even the United States government made various provisions to promote organic agriculture in the United States.

And why not? The application and usage of biological organic fertilizers help in increasing the yield and the excellence of the soil. In all, the utilization of biological organic fertilizers enhances the bioavailability of all types of nutrients. This, in turn, is a step to provide productivity, profitability, and most important nutrient content. It is no wrong to say that when biological organic fertilizers are effectively used to replenish nutrients removed in previous crops, they are anticipated to enhance the productivity of farms. 

An enhancement in farm productivity is advantageous to both the environment and people, primarily due to the lower requirement of energy per unit of output, labor, and land.

The Increasing Popularity of Quality Crop Yields

Due to the awareness of a healthy diet, the uptake of organic food has become a popular trend, especially in recent years. Based on a study, the United States organic food sales reached a record of 49.4 billion in 2017, which resulted in a boost of 6.4% from the previous year. The United States stood as the fifth-largest country as North America held 5% of world organic agriculture land, according to the stats revealed by FiBl.

This further suggests the increased demand for organic fertilizers to fulfill the need for Natural or Organic Nutrition for Plants (Nutrición natural y orgánica para las plantas).

For instance, there have been increasing incidences of nitrogen deficiency in organic strawberries from 2015. That means the timing of the availability of N-fertilizer is critical for strawberry yield and fruit quality. 

It is nothing less than an opportunity for industrial players to bring out new products and cover the market by solving the nitrogen deficiency problem in the country. Using fulvic substances with nitrogen fertilizers helps solve this problem.

And surprisingly many providers are seizing this opportunity.

Fitochem, being a leading supplier of OMRI Certified products, is all set to deliver innovative, organic products for plants that are both biologically diverse and nutrient-rich and can greatly benefit agriculture in an environmentally friendly way. They offer a fantastic array of nutrient management solutions that not only produce nutritious food rich in vitality but also help producers get a better price for their products. Visit their site to learn the Effects of Fulvic Acid (Ácido fúlvico efectos) and other organic fertilizers on plants.

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