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Improve the Soil Texture with Organic Materials and Fertilizers

Many people nowadays are looking for organic products for their plants instead of using synthetic ones. With an amazing list of benefits, organic products are overlapping synthetic garden fertilizers very rapidly. And why not?

Who wants to buy a bag full of chemicals when you can get the best results by opting for Natural or Organic Nutrition for Plants (Nutrición natural u orgánica para las plantas).


Among several benefits, organic materials and fertilizers enhance the soil texture, enabling it to hold water longer, and also increase the fungal and bacterial activity in the soil. That infers, using such products not only assist your plants but also help the soil.

At the same time, if you go for synthetic fertilizers, it will only deplete the soil of its nutrients, making it unproductive, especially in the long run. Well, have great luck if you are trying to grow those juicy tomatoes in infertile soil!

Most importantly, chemical-based fertilizers runoff into waterways and further do harm to marine life and water quality. On the other hand, Organic fertilizers do not run off as easy (if at all) and stay associated with soil structure making it extra strong.

Based on the reports from the Organic Trade Association, organic fertilizer also enhances species biodiversity by 30% in comparison to synthetic fertilizer.

The best part is, it is very easy to apply Organics just like we do synthetic, non-organic counterparts. However, you use them, adding them to soil adds countless benefits to your garden while offering the same amount of convenience and ease you are working now.

We at Fitochem provides the most credible, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for Organic Fertilization for Soil (Fertilización organica del suelo),  that offers balanced nutrients for strong early growth.

Our products build vigorous growth towards maximum yield, even in difficult conditions.

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