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Healthy Soil Leads to Healthy Crops, Healthy People

Healthy Soil Leads to Healthy Crops, Healthy People

There is nothing wrong with saying that the soil is the heart of all vegetation. However, soils can be both healthy and unhealthy. Soil is home to numerous mini critters and microorganisms. These creatures are necessary to keep the soil in top condition. The soil is alive, and the life of many organisms, including humans, depends on this fact.

Vigorous crop growth begins with healthy soil. Plants, and humans depend on the soil for our livelihood. Therefore, the soil is very important, and keeping it alive and healthy is our responsibility. But do we know how?

Feeding the soil exactly what it needs.

The soil requires numerous nutrients for plant growth. Feeding it the right nutrients in the right amount maintains the nutrient level of the soil and keeps it healthy. Now here we have two options: choose artificial fertilizers or go for organic soil fertilization for your plants; that is, the blue liquid full of chemicals or the bag with plenty of nutrients. The choice is yours!

We recommend organic products full of natural supplements that are highly beneficial for soil and crop growth. Healthy soil leads to healthy plants, humans, and the environment. So how do you check if your farm or garden soil is healthy? Do you have any checklist or parameters to meet in terms of quality, performance, or characteristics? If you want to be sure of the vitality of your land, here are some tips:

  • Healthy soil has a good combination of chemical and biological structure, organic matter content, and water infiltration.
  • Correct soil aeration is essential to prevent anaerobic microbial proliferation. In addition, aerobic soil prevents soil denitrification (a process that removes nitrogen from a system).
  • The soil surface must be deep enough for roots to function and grow.
  • Plants have a unique relationship with some organisms; transport difficult-to-access nutrients directly to their roots. Therefore, a healthy ecosystem in the soil keeps plants healthy.
  • Pathogens and pests can damage crops and cause disease in agricultural production systems. In healthy soil, there is a low and/or inactive population of these organisms.
  • There must be an adequate amount of nutrients in the soil, without toxic elements. Therefore, the use of organic products for soil fertilization is quite beneficial.

The life of every living being depends directly or indirectly on the soil. Reduce chemical inputs and bet on OMRI organic products in Mexico. Choose certified organic products for the best soil health results. Contact us for more details on organic products.

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