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Choose Organic Fertilizers for Natural or Organic Nutrition for Plants

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Organic Fertilization of the Soil (Fertilización Organica Del Suelo) is a gentler, kinder way to offer plants the nutrients they require. Organic fertilizers come from plants or minerals, and contain a variety of nutrients to enhance the soil ecosystem. On the other hand, synthetic, chemical-filled fertilizers don’t enhance soil life or add organic matter.

Here are some benefits of preferring organic fertilizer over others:

  • Soil Improvement

Reducing soil hardening, organic fertilizers enhance organic matter content & the nutrient uptake and utilization in crops, upgrading soil fertility.

Organic matter can preserve fertility, efficiently improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, and create a sound soil environment for the growth of crops, by the application of organic fertilizers.

Besides, chemical fertilizers only add chemicals, which are either leached away or absorbed by the plant roots, potentially polluting water resources. On the other hand, organic fertilizers deliver organic matter that helps the soil retain nutrients as well as moisture.

  • Plant Growth

Organic fertilizers can be easily found in the market. With the benefit of being slower-acting and gentler than chemical fertilizers, organic ones provide Natural or Organic Nutrition for Plants ( Nutrición Natural U Orgánica Para Las Plantas) growth, so that you are less likely to chemically burn and overfeed the crop.

Most importantly, organic fertilizers, unlike chemical fertilizers, are not easily washed away in a heavy irrigation session or rainstorm, and plants get the advantages of nutrients for growth more evenly, over a longer period of time, and not all at once.

Fitochem is dedicated to delivering innovative organic Products for Plants that are biologically diverse and nutrient-rich, and can hugely benefit agriculture in an environmentally friendly manner.

Their OMRI Certified products help agronomists improve soil fertility, the productiveness of crops & produced food items that are free of toxic chemicals. Browse to learn more about the Effects of Fulvic Acid (Acido Fulvico Efectos) and other organic products.

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