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Organic Products & Nutrients for Plants | Food Supplement for Plants

Organic Products & Nutrients for Plants | Food Supplement for Plants | Fitochem

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The demand for food continues to rise, but poor soil quality and lack of adequate farming supplies result in low productivity, trapping producers in the vicious circle of poverty. Hence, using OMRI Certified Organic Products for Plants has significant environmental benefits over the use of synthetic fertilizers & pesticides.

Organic farming can be a viable production practice that enables farmers to optimize the productivity and strength of diverse communities within the agro-ecosystem. This practice of crop farming has a limited environmental impact and produces nutrient-rich food that has potential health benefits when compared with conventionally grown food.

We endeavor to help farmers by providing the best  Food Supplement for Plants  to add or rebuild the missing nutrients in the soil, grow healthy crops, and let them earn more profits. Fitochem offers the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for  Organic Fertilization for Crops   that provide balanced nutrients for strong early growth. Our OMRI Certified products build vigorous growth towards maximum yield even in the harsh growing conditions. We encourage producers and consumers to grow and consume fresh, healthy, and high-quality organic products.

Organic Fertilizers

The demand for rganic Nutrients for Plants has been rising significantly, and many farmers have joined together to raise and sell only organic food. Looking at a growing percentage of Mexican consumers pursuing healthier lifestyles, we supply affordable yet best quality vegetable organic nutrition and abroad.


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