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Animal nutrition principles.

In the search for the constant increase in the yield of animal biomass and its productivity, has had an undesirable impact on the nature of animals and consumers mainly due to the abuse in the use of antibiotics and hormones used.  

Organic acids have been used successfully as food supplements in animal nutrition, increasing the weight of animals, improving the growth rate, the conversion rate and strengthening resistance to disease by improving immune function.

Nowadays there is a continuous search for natural food supplements that do not present hormonal problems or have residual effects. These are known as functional foods.

Living things depend on an external source of nutrients and energy. The nutrients are used as an energy source, required for keeping and maintaining cellular organization, as well as being part of chemical reactions that happen in the cell’s metabolism. 

All life on Earth acquires energy by metabolizing nutriment molecules made by photosynthesizers.

The existence of living beings depends on physical characteristics and water chemistry. 

The first cells evolved in water, which is part of the reason why living beings contain between 70%-90% of water. It is indispensable for mineral transport and solvent capacities, given that polarization facilities chemical reactions inside and outside of living systems.

Matter is composed of 92 natural elements and all substances are formed with various combinations of these. The living beings They consist mainly of 6 elements that are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur (CHONPS). These elements combine to form organic molecules in the cells.

The 4 classes of molecules , organic molecules inside the cell, are carbohydrates, fats, proteins and nucleic acids, with a great diversity of biomolecules.

we will talk and be focused in the areas of nutritionin organisms with eukaryotic cells (with a nucleus), which include protists, fungi, animals and plants.

While it is true that today at least 20 inorganic elements known as essential are known, the importance of those organic compounds such as enzymes and different organic substances they become truly important because of the effect they cause in small quantities for the benefit of the metabolism of the living being.

APS 75 is  composed of molecules of natural origin and of vegetable extraction based on proteins and organic acids, non-antibiotic and non-hormonal, which today turns out to be a useful tool to promote growth, health and production in ruminants such as beef or milk cattle, which efficiently meet the objective of improving health and weight gain, as well as the best quality and quantity of what is produced without problems of residues in meat or milk.


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